Day 552: 4 LOTTO MADNESS Winners!


We Have 4 LOTTO MADNESS Winners this week!

How did we get them?

The above picture shows our ticket with the numbers we play. We play the same numbers over and over for better odds. We purchased the tickets for each of the 6 Lotteries we play one time, and then we simply renew that same ticket over and over.

For the BonoLoto draw we have 8 sets of numbers which are shown on the copy of our ticket on the right side. On the left side, the grids show those same numbers. The numbers highlighted in yellow are our numbers that matched the numbers that were drawn which are shown above. How many numbers in each set of our numbers that match the drawn Lottery numbers determines how much, if any, we will win for that day’s draw. If our numbers match all 6 of the yellow drawn numbers, in one row, we would win the jackpot! If one of our numbers match the bonus number (blue number) and five out of the six main number picks, we will win the second place prize.

On the above draw, we matched 4 numbers on line 7 so we won $ 46.64. You can find more information on the Spain BonoLoto here.

When PI wins, the prizes are paid out 100% to randomly selected members who registered for that draw.

How WE Select Our Winners

Our winners for this draw and the amounts split are described in Category 2, under Section 7 of The “LOTTO MADNESS” Prize Draw OFFICIAL TERMS as follows:

Category 1: Lottery Prize between US$0.01 and US$19.99

The value of the Lottery Prize will be converted into DealPOINTs (one DealPOINT per Cent) and one (1) winner will be drawn.

Category 2: Lottery Prize between US$20.00 and US$999.99

The Lottery Prize will be split into US$10.00 parts until the remaining amount is less than US$20.00 and one (1) winner per US$10.00 will be drawn. The possibly remaining amount will be handled as described in Category 1.

For the above draw, it is split into three $ 10.00 winners (1000 DP each) and the remaining amount of $ 16.64 will be awarded as 1664 DP.

With 1000 DEALPoints you can purchase several items at IDS, Cheeaap, digi4less, and EEBOOX DEALS if the prices drop close to 99% off.

Now that you know how we get our winners…

Go see if you are one of them!

Don’t Forget to Register!

A New Winner Every 10 Minutes!


Tip/Thought of the Day:(Presented by Abla)


“Ability without responsibility leaves you in a world of negativity.”

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