Eastern Europe BR Team – Top Performers for November!

Team Eastern Europe was the top performing BR Team uploading 275 Deals in the month of November!

The Leaders in downloading deals in November – Shuhrat Ermatov (Eastern Europe 2, Uzbekistan) – with 77 deals!

Here are some examples from those Deals that our partners have in Blogs in Community:

Курпача бархатная / Kurpacha velvet        

The painting “Sun Drop” / Картина “Капля Солнца”    http://wazzub.perfectinter.net/blogs/katya/index.php?pst_id=120825


Tour package: Welcome to Samarqand     http://wazzub.perfectinter.net/blogs/tour


Vasily Pochitsky Belarus “last bird in the forest”                       http://wazzub.perfectinter.net/blogs/pochickiy/index.php?pst_id=121534

Congratulations and Thank You!

Note: Because many of the Deals in iDealSmarter are set up to be only local, you may not be able to see all of them on IDS. Those Deals that are set to be offered Internationally should be visible.

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