Day 455: What’s all the BUZZ?

PI Buzz Campaign
October 28 – November 3, 2013



This week we are sharing our fantastic Contest, I WANNA BE FAMOUS across all Social Networks.


On Facebook, Our Official IWBF page is at:

We will be sharing the first post pinned to the top of that page beginning with the phrase “How to vote in your favorite I Wanna Be Famous Contestants”


Here is the complete text of the Facebook post for translations, please add your translations in the comments on that post.

How to vote in your favorite I Wanna Be Famous Contestants

1. Sign in or sign up in
If you are not a member yet create an account to vote.

2. Go to your favorite contestant video and click on Active Battle 1
then click on Start Battle.

3. Watch the video and click NEXT blue button. Do you like the
video, YES OR NO

4. Watch the second video and click NEXT blue button. Do you
like the video? YES OR NO

5. Then choose who is your winner

6. Click on the back button to vote on the Active Battle 2 and do the
same step on the Active Battle 3


On Twitter, our official IWBF Profile is at:

The post we will be sharing on Twitter is as follows:

#IWannaBeFamous Contestants Battles are ongoing; Cast your vote now at

Remember to Re-tweet with RT@IWBFOFFICIAL

So your re-tweet will look like this if you copy and paste the above message (Or go to the official profile and click the Re-tweet button):

RT@IWBFOFFICIAL #IWannaBeFamous Contestants Battles are ongoing, Cast your vote now at


We also have an I WANNA BE FAMOUS board on Pinterest, pin your favorite contestant videos, share, and like our pins!

PI on Pinterest:


As for our goals this week, let us see if we can get 10,000 likes on our IWBF Facebook Page, Let us get our Facebook message seen by over 10,000 people and shared more than 1,000 times.

On our Twitter Profile, Let us have our message re-tweeted more than 100 times, and our followers to grow to more than 1,000 this week.

A fellow member has generously made available part of his 40 Hours To Twitter Mastery PLR Video course to PI members. Go to his Blog HERE and click on the first link to gain access to the course.

***Remember to tweet responsibly – over doing it is overkill.***

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