Week of October 21 – 27 iDealSmarter Promotion Buzz Week!

Hello everyone,


PI needs our help. Now that we are starting to profit, let us increase our profits even more by spreading the word about our great online shopping sites. Remember: PI Cares and PI Shares, the success of PI means success for all of us. Let us activate the Power of “We” and see our fantastic shopping sites climb in the social networks and trend on Twitter! Together we can make this happen. What we need to do is very simple.

Each week we will be listing a new PI Star for all of us to focus on for the week. Every Monday a new buzz promotion will be started. Join us in the WAZZUB Community and our new PI Buzz Promotion room in Skype to stay up to date with the latest Buzz Campaigns. For our first Promotion Buzz we will be focusing on iDealSmarter, our Deals Flagship. See below for the details.

Starting today October 21, 2013 and through Sunday, October 27, 2013, we will be promoting iDealSmarter on all social networks. Where ever you are a member, share the link for iDealSmarter and tell your friends, fans, and contacts how much you love our unique shopping site where everyone can save up to 99% on EVERYTHING!

Website to promote (no referral ID please for this promotion blast): http://idealsmarter.com

Twitter hash tags: #IDS #iDealSmarter


Below you will find some examples of social posts to get you started. Be creative and feel free to share what YOU truly love about iDealSmarter!

Thank you everyone for taking part in sharing iDealSmarter with the world!

Pre-Twitter campaign info

Twitter only allows 140 characters for any tweet, so if you want others to ReTweet (RT) your tweet; Example tweet; “RT @TheirProfile You will love #iDealSmarter, at #IDS you can get deals up to 99% discount!” leave about 15 characters spare in some of your tweets for others to RT


Tweet some words about the iDealSmarter and use hash-tag #iDealsmarter or #IDS and see how you go. Hash-tags can be clicked on to follow the twitter feed and you can see what others are tweeting on that hash-tag’s twitter feed


Retweet some PI tweets in between a few of your own, favorite other PI members tweets a few times, which have the word #iDealSmarter or #IDS hash-tagged.


You will find some tweets on PI Galaxy twitter profiles to use for retweeting and this will help with your own tweet ideas….be creative :)


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Wazzub Community



Example Twitter/social posts:

DId you know you can get tablets, Smartphones, and more all up to 99% off as a free member? Check out #IDS today to see for yourself! http://www.idealsmarter.com


Amazing deals on natural supplements on #IDS #iDealSmarter http://www.idealsmarter.com


Check out the cool African Art on #IDS #iDealSmarter http://www.idealsmarter.com


WOW! Restaurants and hotel deals on #IDS #iDealSmarter http://www.idealsmarter.com


I have gotten the best deals on #IDS #iDealSmarter http://www.idealsmarter.com the selection of cool electronics and accessories are fantastic!


I love shopping on #IDS #iDealSmarter the price is always dropping by the minute! You decide the great deal you want. http://www.idealsmarter.com/


Did you know you can even find local deals at http://www.idealsmarter.com #IDS


Thank You All for your time and assistance in spreading the word about iDealSmarter this week!


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