Day 395: Madvertising – Aug 31 Final Day for Special Offers!



madvertising Offer for all PI Business Relations (BR) Business Partners


Special Information for all PI Positive Cash Flow Experts (+CFE)/Affiliates


Effective immediately, August 18, 2013, all PI BR Business Partners can avail US $ 50 worth of Free Advertisement inside the PI Galaxy. This offer is ONLY valid for PI Business Relations Business Partners who are placing deals on iDealSmarter (IDS).


madvertising gives our Business Partners’ products and services more visibility to our members by displaying their ads in front of their Targeted Audience using PI’s Triple Target Technology. This way a PI member does not have to initially search in IDS for their products and/or services. The ads will be displayed in different pages of PI, where members surf and, thus the member can click and go directly to our Business Partners’ deals.


When you are talking to potential Business Partners, remember this valuable offer from madvertising for them. To join as a Business Partner with PI, there are no out of pocket expenses and they receive a great value right from the start!


  • Targeted deals showcasing their products and services in iDealSmarter – no charge to place and run the DEALs
  • Unlimited number of DEALs allowed – no charge to place and run the DEALs
  • US$ 50 in FREE advertising from madvertising – no charge
  • World-wide/local exposure for as long as they place a deal in our E-Commerce platforms – no charge
  • Full Back Office to track all their sales and offers with tax information available at their convenience – no charge
  • Dedicated PI Business Relations team to help and guide them every step of the way – no charge
  • The only charges a Business Partner has from PI, is when we make a SALE for them– reasonable service fee per deal sold
    • This is what makes us, as PI Affiliates – Positive Cash Flow Experts (+CFE)
    • We help our Business Partners increase their sales, customers, and exposure with NO out of pocket expenses.


As you can see, PI provides great value to our Business Partners with no upfront fees, making PI a fantastic way to supplement their current advertising campaigns or simply explore a new market for their products and services.


If you have any questions about this offer or contacting potential Business Partners, please see your local Business Relations team for assistance.


 How to Redeem:

For all newly uploaded deals, within 7 days of the deal going live, Business Partners must submit an email from their registered PI email to  with the following Details:


1.   BR Business Partner ID

2.   Deal ID

3.   Image file of the ad banner (Size: 390×95 pixels, max 30kb).



1.   If the Banner is not good enough, the Business Partner will not get the US$ 50 of FREE Advertisement.

2.   The Business Partner does not have to join as an advertiser to avail the Advertisement. PI will run campaign for the Business Partner.

3.   When a member clicks on the banner, it will take them to the search result of the Business Partners’ deal, thus giving them more visibility, exposure and more chances of their deals being sold.

4.   The Business Partner must send the email to  within 7 days of uploading the Deal in IDS from their registered PI email address.

5.   Existing Business Partners have time until 31st August 2013 to send the email.

6.   US$ 50 of FREE Advertisement is for each Deal of the Business Partner. Therefore, if a Business Partner has multiple Deals uploaded on IDS, he/she can avail this Offer for each of these Deals.

Important information for Publishers and Advertisers ————————————

Special Advertiser Offer:

Double Your Money madvertising Offer!


There is a great offer going on right now and for the rest of the month of August for all advertisers who want to advertise in the PI Galaxy of websites. Perfect Internet will match 100% of what you spend on $ 50 US or more in advertising campaigns within PI sites only.


There is no upper limit on this offer, as long as you spend $ 50 US or more, you will qualify for the Double Your Money madvertising Offer! Spend $ 100, $ 200, $ 300 or more, the choice is up to you! PI will match 100% any amount you fund over 50 dollars US to advertise SOLELY in the PI Galaxy.


In order to advertise directly in, you must choose the news banner size 390×95 pixels. There are other banner sizes available if you want to advertise in other PI Galaxy websites such as I Wanna Be Famous, if this is your desire, you must let us know, so we can target the proper websites for you.

How do you take advantage of this amazing offer?


USE this CODE: AUGUST100 as the first keyword in your ad campaign.

The code MUST BE USED AS ABOVE – Case-sensitive

During the processing of your ad campaign, you will have the matching amount credited once you use the code as your first keyword.

If you DO NOT want to target ONLY inside the Perfect Internet Galaxy, DO NOT use the code as one of your keywords.

This offer expires on 31st August Pacific Time.

madvertising Support Tip:

When you are planning to advertise WITHIN PI, using your PI Referral Link is not acceptable. You are targeting people who are already PI members and your referral link is useless with them.

Take advantage of this amazing offer today and tell your advertising friends too! Any doubts or questions just get in touch with Ishaq, through the madvertising Club, and he can answer your questions.

Here is a testimonial from a member who has already taken advantage of this offer:

<<< Hi everyone, I just saw my banner on PI today, what a great thrill it is to be to able know i will be sharing in the profits of that Banner one day soon,And they have a great deal going for this month as well, $1 for $1 with a minimum of $50 / they already funded me an extra $50! What a bargain.PI Rocks



Need more information or help?

Join the Madvertising Club – Become a Madvertiser

Madvertising Blog – Official Blog of madvertising

For step by step instructions on setting up and Advertising campaign please go to the August 6 Madvertising Webinar recap in the Family Webinar Recaps Blog

madvertising short FAQ


Meaning of Abbreviations:

CPC:     Cost per Click

CPM:   Cost per 1000 Impressions

CPV:     Cost per View

CPI:      Cost per Interstitial Ad


In CPC, the advertiser will not pay anything for displaying the banners. However, when a member clicks on the banner, the amount will be deducted from the campaign fund according to the rate chosen by advertiser.


In CPM, it does not matter how many clicks the members make on the banners of the advertisers. The Advertiser pays very little amount for displaying ads. Even if there are no clicks, the advertisers fund will be deducted.


In CPV, it is Pop-Under ads. When a member opens the publisher’s site, a full-page ad will be available to the user of the site, but ad will be below the main page. Therefore, when the member is done surfing the site and minimizes or closes the window, the member will find the pop-under ad.


In CPl, the same thing will happen as with CPV, but this time the full-page ad will be displayed as a pop-up.

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