Day 353: Friday is EEBOOX Day! – Updates!

Which Valuable_eBook shall be next week’s FREE download for PI members?

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Service Business Synergy



Service Business Synergy 45%

Writing Webcopy That Sells 38%

Total Votes: 599

Which eBook shall be FREE next week?

Go to EEBOOX to download your FREE Valuable_eBook.
Then go to the Polls to vote on your choice.


Perfect APP Banners!

Go to the Official PI Banners Blog to get one for your use.

Important Notice Regarding Perfect APP:

All Current members are already signed up for Perfect App. You cannot register again to PA; by doing so you are creating a different PI account and anyone who registers with the new reflink will not be in your original PI/WAZZUB account.

You can find your ref ID from your PROFILE page > YOUR STATUS > YOUR STATISTICS button. Your reflink is now also found with the rest of your reflinks from PROFILE > YOUR SETUP > SHOW MY REFLINKS button.

At the end of the registration process all new members will be sent and email with a confirmation link to click on. They will be taken to a PA page with their ref ID on it. Also, they will be given the option to continue on to the PI login page where they can then complete the rest of the PI profile updates. If they do not get the confirmation email they can still go to and choose “LOGIN” and use the email address and password they used when joining PA.

Important note:

For Perfect App – Only members who complete their PROFILE > YOUR DATA will show up on your Gen 1 list. So please encourage new members to log in to PI , go to their PROFILE and update at least their personal data. Then they can also click on the buttons on the bottom menu bar and explore and see what PI is all about. Tell them about DealPOINTs and let them know how they can get 100 DealPOINTs just for being active, more DealPOINTs just for updating their profiles, and extra DealPOINTs just for inviting their friends to join our Perfect Internet!




We have a new LOTTO MADNESS Winner!

We still have a Wild Draw Winner who needs to claim the prize!

Could it be You?

Go now to LOTTO MADNESS and check to see if you were the winner.

The Jackpots are growing………

The US Powerball is almost at 200 Million Dollars!

Don’t forget to register for all 6 of our LOTTO MADNESS Draws!

LOTTO MADNESS! Win up to $10,000,000. (Ten Million USD)! 12 draws every week. We play 6 of the World’s Biggest Lotteries for a chance for You to win! Use your new “weplayyouwin” reflink in your My Profile to invite new members so they too can have a chance to play in the LOTTO MADNESS!


While you’re there you can check to see if you are a winner at PRIZE MANIA

Now You can Win 6 Prizes!

The member with the most clicks at PRIZE MANIA and the member with the most visits to any PI page will each win 100DP. The winners will be chosen daily at 10:00 pm Pacific.

Go check to see if You were one of the Daily Winners!


You could be the winner of the $ 606 PRIZE MANIA Jackpot! You must claim your prize within 1 hour from the time your ID is drawn. You could win Cash, a Camera, a Phone,a Surprise Gift, and now Jewelry or a Shopping Jackpot now at 27500DP! Use your PRIZE MANIA reflink to add new members to join you in PI and gain DealPOINTs!



What’s New?

New Community profile and Blog for the PSM Advisory Board

PSM Advisory Board



Check out our new I Wanna Be Famous

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages!

Why not like & share with your friends!


Your Searches are Safe With Perfect Internet


Our DEALS Flag Ship!

Every Day Deals Equal Every Day Savings from iDealSmarter!


Madvertising UPDATES!

Chatroom Training for madvertising:
There will be a Chatroom Training to help PI Members understand madvertising better.
This will be a live chat Training by Ishaq Ali Khan.
Interested PI members can join the chatroom on time because if you join late, you may miss a part of the training as the chatroom will show you the last 100 messages only.
There will be question answer session at the end. Please have your questions ready.
Pay close attention to the Training as well as to the questions that others have asked.
Kindly do not ask duplicate questions.

Topic: “Know madvertising better”
Trainer: Ishaq Ali Khan
Venue: Chatroom with name “madvertising”
Date: July 27, 2013
Time: 2:30 AM to 3:30 AM PST/PDT

Important information for Publishers
Over the past weekend, madvertising was upgraded from html platform to php platform as your referrals were not getting through if they were not cautious and clicked on some other buttons than JOIN AS A PUBLISHER. Currently, in the php platform none of your referrals will get lost. However, you will have to take the code of your referral banners AGAIN from the Referral Center to refer your advertisers and Publishers. The sites which you added using “Add a Site” or the code which you received using the “Get Code” Option are NOT effected by this upgrade. So, no changes to the ad spots code. This only affects your Referral Code. Please replace your code with the new code from Referral Center in your Publisher Back-Office. Please do this as soon as possible and the html will be pulled down completely on July 31st 2013.



If you are already signed up as a publisher and need to edit your account, please log in to your madvertising back office and do so.

Did you miss the July 12 Madvertising Webinar?

Madvertising presented by Ishaq July 12 of 2013

Need more information or help?
Join the Madvertising Club – Become a Madvertiser

Madvertising Blog – Official Blog of madvertising


Can You Sing, Dance, or play and Instrument? Do you play in a Band or know someone who is just waiting for that chance of a lifetime to be a Star?

It’s time to Shine!

Spread the word!

We want to see what you can do. If you are not an artist yourself why not support your favorites by becoming a Judge.

It’s Easy, Its Fun!

Just click the banner and join in on the fun!



There is only one thing that makes the PERFECT INTERNET even better:


The PERFECT APP will bring all the functions of the PERFECT INTERNET on mobile phones, plus much, much more features to find the best local deals and services.

The PERFECT APP is in pre-launch now and will be released Oct 1, 2013. Spread the news and invite others to join this amazing business: whenever you or a person in one of your 5 next generations will use the PERFECT APP, you will earn! No job to do, nothing to buy or nothing to sell. The PERFECT APP is FREE FOREVER!



PI Translations Department is looking for Translators for the following languages: UPDATED

Hebrew, Papiamentu, Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Tuvaluan, Kiribati, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Romanian, Polish, Bhutanese, Khmer, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Estonian, Khalkha Mongol, Turkmen, Azerbaijani, Tajik, Kyrgyz, Pashto, Lao, Burmese, Sinhala, Maldivian Dhivehi, Thai, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Kannad, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese



Now get the PI News in Russian French and Spanish!

Get the latest Official PI/WUB Announcements regarding BR Trainings and other announcements in the
PI Bulletin Board

You can also get the Family Webinar Recaps in Spanish & French
Find the links at the Webinar Recaps Blog


Translations Available:
( Do you do translations of the PI News in your own Blog? Would you like to have your translations included here? They must be exact translations and hosted only on PI/WAZZUB pages – Clubs or Blogs. HTML is available. Contact , Subject: PI News Translations)

PI Новости на Русском Russian (Updated Link)





Tip/Thought of the Day: (Presented by Abla)



“ Whatever you do; Always give 100% ; Unless you’re donating blood.”

Unknown ~



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