July 17 2013 PSM Advisory Board Update – Activate Your PSM Account!

PSM Adv Board Notes for 7-17-13

NOTE: 02/12/2014, Links to this post have been given to show the requirements were posted on July 17, 2013 and the information was available to all members. The following part of this news post is outdated, expired in 2013. The information that is still valid is under the sub-heading “Other News”.

Regarding Members who missed the Activate Your PSM Account:


The PSM Advisory Board voted to re-open the account verifications until August 20 and PI Admin agreed to it. If you were at the PSM Webinar on July 16, 2013 it was announced then. Those members ( of the 14,610 PSMs ) who missed the June 30, 2013 deadline can follow these steps to verify their account:


1- Login to your PI account


2- Go to PROFILE


3- Go to the PSM Area


4- In the PSM Area go to the PSM NEWS and click on the ACTIVATE YOUR PSM ACCOUNT link.


5- Answer any questions asked/mark boxes as required and follow the steps all the way to the end.


6- If successful you will be sent to a page that says this:


Other News:


The requirements for Profit Sharing remains the same ( 10 Days logging in every month,  and also 20 hours of activity for each month, for 3 consecutive months).


Understanding that maintaining the 20 hours of activity may be difficult for some members at any given time it was decided to set a minimum requirement for logging in each month to maintain the PSM status. It was agreed to set the minimum login requirement to 10 days each month to avoid losing PSM status. The Board and PI Admin both agreed this should be very easy to maintain.

Another requirement to maintain your PSM status is, if you have only done the minimum of 10 logins for 3 consecutive months, then on the 4th month, you must meet the 10 day and 20 hour requirement or you would lose your PSM Status.

In conclusion:

All PSMs must log in to their PI account a minimum of 10 days every month to maintain their PSM status. If you do not meet the minimum of 10 days of logging in you would lose your PSM status forever.
If you only meet the 10 day login requirement for 3 months in a row, you must meet the 10 day login/20 hours of Activity on the 4th month to avoid losing your PSM Status.

How easy is it to show activity?

Very easy considering what we have:

  • 84 customizable Favorites Links available – you can access virtually every other website you commonly visit from your PI homepage. Every time you turn on your computer you log into your PI homepage ( another requirement for PSMs ) so everything is right at your fingertips.
  • Customizable News – you can add the RSS Feeds from your favorite news sources. Some people by habit read their news every morning before starting their day.
  • Our very own Free eMail Service – You can have up to 5 alias email addresses for different purposes. Each time you go in to read your mail you are showing activity.
  • Our very own Social Community with 3 profiles; Personal, Business, and Social; Blogs, Clubs, Live Chat, Forums. Every time you catch up with what your friends are doing or check your messages, update your Blogs or Clubs, go to the chatrooms, whatever – you are showing activity.
  • Over 30 online Games – When you play games you are not only getting a little free recreation and a stress reliever but you are showing activity.
  • Free Lottery Drawings-12 each week including the US Powerball where you could win up to Ten Million Dollars if we hit one of the Big ones. Every time you go to LOTTO MADNESS to check the Winner’s list and to register you are showing activity.
  • A chance to win prizes in PRIZE MANIA – we just had a $5,142 Winner! ( Ask him if he feels it was worth clicking to see if he was one of the winners every day! ) Checking PRIZE MANIA  throughout the day shows activity.
  • A chance to earn DealPOINTs that can be used like Free cash to shop for things at discounts up to 99% Off or even Free with DealPOINTs in our Member Exclusive Deal Platforms. When you shop or even just browse you are showing activity.
  • Safe search engines that don’t spy on you and collect information about you. Do all your searches using our search engine and you are showing activity.
  • A World Wide Talent contest where you can either compete or be one of the judges who gets to choose the World’s next Star. When you go to I WANNA BE FAMOUS to watch the videos, post comments, and judge the competitions you are showing activity.
  • A FREE Mobile App that pays you to use it – most Apps that offer any kind of payment for referrals will cost you $29 to $39 or more EACH MONTH! When you go to check your stats you are showing activity. Once Perfect APP is live and you actually use it, not only are you tracking activity but you will also be earning.
  • a FREE eBook download every week – when you go to EEBOOX to browse our selections or to download your FREE weekly eBook you are showing activity.
  • PI has several opportunities where you can earn some extra cash and other benefits if you choose to participate – and all without cost to you; plus many many more free member benefits to come…


The PSM Advisory Board also held some special sessions to discuss other PSM account related subjects and the results will be forthcoming.

Thank You from your PSM Advisory Board



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