Day 327: Special Edition – Election Day!

Dear Members,

The elections for the PSM Advisory Board members has begun!

The voting will only be done by PSM Members. Thank you to ALL Members for supporting the candidates by joining their PSM Advisory Board Clubs!

Election will be closed on Sunday, June 30, at 11.59pm US Pacific time.

The final results will be announced at the PSM Webinar on Monday, July 1, 2013 at 7pm US Eastern time and afterwards displayed on our website in PSM Area.

All PSMs:

  1. Log In to your Perfect Internet.
  2. Go to your Profile.
  3. Click on the PSM AREA button in the lower right corner of your Profile page.
  4. In the PSM NEWS box on the center, bottom of the page click on the
    “PSM Advisory Board Election” link.
  5. On the next page you will see information on the election. Click on the
  6. On the next page you will see each candidate with a selection box in front of their name. If you need more information on a candidate you can click on their name to bring up their Club for more info.
  7. Choose 3 ( Three ) of the listed Candidates from any Region. It does not matter what region the Candidates are in. You do not have to vote for only Candidates from your Region. Choose the 3 Candidates who you feel will best represent the members.
  8. Once you select 3 Candidates, click on the “VOTE” button. You will then be taken to a voter confirmation page. Once you have voted you will not be able to change your vote.


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