Day 317: Don’t Miss Tonight’s Webinar!

Don’t miss our next special gathering of our

IMPORTANT WAZZUB Family WEBINAR. This is a repeat of the June 17 Webinar. We had technical difficulties with the Webinar platform so we are doing it again tonight.


.–>WUB/PI Family Gathering:

In our very first Perfect App “Behind the Scenes” Webinar you will learn about the Perfect App and you will learn about the company behind it. Join us on Monday, June 17 at 9pm US eastern time and all your questions will be answered:

How much do I have to pay?

How much money will I earn?

What do I have to sell?

Where is the money coming from?

Is this business legal?

If you miss this webinar you might miss your one chance in a lifetime! Invite all your new members and especially your prospects to meet us on Monday. This time, even if it sounds too good to be true, it IS true and you can be a part of it! We not only keep our promises, we even keep promises that others have made! See you at the webinar!
Wednesday, June 19th. 2013 @ 9:00 PM EST-USA


→→First, Go here to bring up the Webinar platform: Webinar Link

→→Second, PASSWORD: Will be posted in the WAZZUB Family Blog 30 minutes before the webinar.

It will also be posted in My Profile under the

PI/WUB Family Gathering World Times

To see what time it is for you just go to the list below the clocks, or change the location on the “Converted Time” side by clicking on the “Change Location” link in the upper right corner above the clock.

More Details on the WAZZUB Family Blog



Do you have a website or blog? Will you be ready when our advertisers are ready? You can still register to be a Publisher with madvertising and cash in on some crazy profits! Once our Galaxy is fully lit you will want to have your ad spots already set up as a publisher so you can get in on the commissions. Let’s spread across the globe with our madvertising banners!

You must have a valid site/blog that you can edit to do so. You cannot use any of your PI reflinks as the link to your site.

You need to only register one time, and include all your sites if you have more than one site where you want to publish adds.

If you are already signed up as a publisher and need to edit your account, please log in to your madvertising back office and do so.


We are waiting for the results from two Lottery Draws; wish us luck!


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While you’re there you can check to see if you are a winner at PRIZE MANIA

Now You can Win 6 Prizes!

The member with the most clicks at PRIZE MANIA and the member with the most visits to any PI page will each win 100DP. The winners will be chosen daily at 10:00 pm Pacific.

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PI Official Videos Blog (Updated)
More languages added to (PERFECT APP) Video



Updating Your Personal Information


  1. Login to your PI Homepage
  2. Go to PROFILE from the Main Menu Tabs
  3. In YOUR DATA: Update your Date of Birth (DOB) in the following format: Month/Day/Year
  4. CUSTOMIZE YOUR DEALS BOX- choose 3 types of products you like to shop for. For example: Jewelry, Electronics, Apparel.
  5. CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAMES BOX- Choose 9 out of the existing games by putting a √ in the box below the game.
  6. Click the SAVE button after each one . Be sure there are no areas highlighted in red or a red message box at the top indicating there is an error. If you are successful you should be brought to a CONGRATULATIONS page. Then go back to your PROFILE to complete each of the other necessary pages.
  7. You can also Customize your News with up to 14 of your own personal RSS News Feeds. And you can also go to CUSTOMIZE YOUR LINKS BOX and add up to 84 of your favorites from all your browser bookmarks and your most visited sites. You can categorize your LINKS with 6 different “Boxes” that you can name to keep them sorted. Choose the top 2 or 3 and they will be displayed on your Homepage.You can find your DealPOINTs on the secondary menu between the COLOR and LANGUAGE tabs. PSMs can find information in their PROFILE > YOUR NEWS > PSM AREA (Don’t forget to Secure your status by June 30) For additional PSM information please go to the PSM Club in Community. Only qualified PSMs will be given access.****************

So you don’t miss out on important notices from PI Please add us to your list of preferred senders/whitelist, or add us to your address book (



All Current members are already signed up for Perfect App. There is no need for you to register again. You can find your ref ID from your Profile page > YOUR NUMBERS > YOUR STATISTICS.

At the end of the registration process all new members will be sent and email with a confirmation link to click on. They will be taken to a PA page with their ref ID on it. Also, they will be given the option to continue on to the PI login page where they can then complete the rest of the PI profile updates.


Don’t forget to share your shopping experience with your friends – Chat while you Shop!

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Lights Out Action!

Watch the New Video Here


PI Members Win with FREE eMail that is Private!

Our very own FREE email service offering you convenience, multiple email addresses, smart spam filters and PRIVACY!

You can find help with registering and set-up at the MAILAXY Tutorials Blog and a video tour and Registration Tutorial here. You can find some Newly Posted tips here and here as well.

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Tip/Thought of the Day: (Presented by our special contributor Abla Haddad)

“Success is like your own shadow. If you try to catch it you will never succeed. Ignore it and it will follow you”.

~ Unknown ~




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