Day 315: Don’t Miss Tonight’s Webinar!

Don’t miss our next special gathering of our



.–>WUB/PI Family Gathering:

In our very first Perfect App “Behind the Scenes” Webinar you will learn about the Perfect App and you will learn about the company behind it. Join us on Monday, June 17 at 9pm US eastern time and all your questions will be answered:

How much do I have to pay?

How much money will I earn?

What do I have to sell?

Where is the money coming from?

Is this business legal?

If you miss this webinar you might miss your one chance in a lifetime! Invite all your new members and especially your prospects to meet us on Monday. This time, even if it sounds too good to be true, it IS true and you can be a part of it! We not only keep our promises, we even keep promises that others have made! See you at the webinar!
Monday, june 17th. 2013 @ 9:00 PM EST-USA


→→First, Go here to bring up the Webinar platform: Webinar Link

→→Second, PASSWORD: Will be posted in the WAZZUB Family Blog 30 minutes before the webinar.

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