Day 58: Day 2 of the Mega Deals Triple Bonanza and We Are Sold Out!

This is Day 2 of the “Mega Deals Triple Bonanza” and we are SOLD OUT! The response was so good that most items are gone! All orders from yesterday and today will be sent out on Monday or Tuesday and all refunds (shipping costs) will be done tomorrow.

IdealSmarter will go offline giving us a chance to re-stock and do some system adjustments. We will be back on Thursday, October 4 with even more DEALS and bigger discounts! Thank YOU members for making our Mega Deals Events a success and for spreading the News about IdealSmarter!


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Have you gone to the Polls in WAZZUB Community and voted on the games you have played? You will be choosing the games to be played in IBET…U LOSE! where you can bet a dime and win a million!

Share your PRIZE MANIA reflink with friends and family. Let them know that as a member they would have a chance at the now current  $3554 Jackpot as well as other prizes.

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