Day 267: Webinar This Week – More Wild Draw Winners!

Mark your calendars for the next gathering of our


.–>WUB/PI Family Gathering:
Thursday May 2, 2013 @ 9:00 PM (ET)

Thursday @ 9:00 PM (EST) No pre-registration needed.

→→First, Go here to bring up the Webinar platform: Webinar Link

→→Second, Go here 15 minutes before the Webinar to get the password.

It will also be posted in My Profile under the

PI/WUB Family Gathering World Times

To see what time it is for you just go to the list below the clocks, or change the location on the “Converted Time” side by clicking on the “Change Location” link in the upper right corner above the clock.

If you missed the last Webinar you can get the Webinar Recap Here.

Watch the Video Replay Here.



Wednesday May 22, 2013

The Launch of our Special Project!


May 22, 2013 we are going to launch our project to the world, our very own global interactive talent contest, I Wanna Be Famous! The world’s first interactive global talent contest where contestants compete in 1,000’s of one on one battles where the audience votes for the winners. This first contest will be open for singers, songwriters, and bands. As we grow, we will add more talent categories.

  For the first time ever, contestants will also be able to earn money as we bring their songs and music to radio and TV all across the globe!

  The main winner will perform a live concert of their new album or music produced by one of the top contacts in the music industry in Las Vegas, Nevada USA! That’s right we have partnered with a top US record label, more details on this will follow in next week’s exciting WAZZUB/PI Family webinar.




Our MEGA DEALS WEEKEND is over but there will be more! Thank you all members who were able to $ave this past weekend!

To view your shopping cart log into your PI account, then go HERE and click on the picture like the one above to be directed to your shopping cart.


We still have 4 Wild Draw Winners who need to claim their Prize!

Play the Lottery for FREE!

Watch our LOTTO MADNESS Video

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LOTTO MADNESS! Win up to $10,000,000. (Ten Million USD)!  12 draws every week. We play 6 of the World’s Biggest Lotteries for a chance for You to win! Use your new “weplayyouwin” reflink in your My Profile to invite new members so they too can have a chance to play in the LOTTO MADNESS!

Now we will have 2 Wild Draw Winners every day!

Just another FREE benefit for being a Free PI/WAZZUB member!

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Two More prizes have been added!

You can now win Jewelry, and a DealPOINTs Shopping Jackpot starting at 10,000 DealPOINTs!

The member with the most clicks at PRIZE MANIA  and the member with the most visits to any PI page will each win 100DP. The winners will be chosen daily at 10:00 pm Pacific.

Don’t forget to check if you were the winner for the $5038 PRIZE MANIA Jackpot! You must claim your prize within 1 hour from the time your ID is drawn. You could win Cash, a Camera, a Phone,a Surprise Gift, and now Jewelry or a Shopping Jackpot! Use your PRIZE MANIA reflink to add new members to join you in PI and gain DealPOINTs!



PI Translations Department is looking for Translators for the following languages:

Khalkha Mongol
Bahasa Melayu
Maldivian Dhivehi
Traditional Chinese

If interested please send an email to and put “Translator Your Country” in the subject box.


Tip/Thought of the Day: (Presented by our special contributor Abla Haddad)


” The strength of the team is each individual member…the strength of each member is the team.”
Phil Jackson ~


PIU is finally here! Now you have the keys to your success in front of you with the PI University training manual. It has all the information you need to learn about PI, our Deals Platforms, how to become successful as an Affiliate and how sharing our programs can benefit businesses. You can find the new PIU button on the bottom right corner of your PI homepage next to the Partner and Affiliate buttons.

Become an Affiliate and Earn Commissions!


PI is currently building teams of members who wanted to be a bigger part of PI and laying the groundwork for the launching of our next Stars, soDEALicious and iBookSmarter. You too can be a BIG part of the Success! You can receive commissions on the sales of all products or services sold from approved Business Partners you introduce to PI for as long as they are still participating in our Deal Platforms. This is HUGE! You have the chance to not only secure your future, but to help with the profitability of the company, which will benefit all members. You will also be helping your local businesses to be more successful and profitable by showcasing their products and services on our unique Deal Platforms that are utilizing several patent pending technologies.

**If you are interested in becoming a PI Affiliate please go to this PI News Special Post for instructions on how to take the first steps. Please follow the instructions carefully. Please note: Our members who have already come forward and shown that they want to be part of our success are currently being trained in the new backoffices for our Deal Platforms and others are being trained on the necessary steps to be successful as Affiliates with PI.

The Be an Affiliate and Be a Partner links have moved to the bottom of your PI Homepage in your Favorite Links area, next to the Twitter button. Until other arrangements are made, continue to follow the instructions above ** to make contact with the proper Department to get more information on the proper procedures from those who are fully trained. The PIU training manual is now available and will be an integral part of helping you to succeed as a PI Affiliate.



Translations Available:

PI Новости на Русском Russian



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