Day 54: RSS News Feeds Are Under Way

Many of the RSS News Feeds have been installed for several countries. Go to yesterday’s post regarding the News Feeds to get the information needed. Many members were asking about what the jpeg images were and what they were for. Most news sources have their own logo or image to identify their brand. You would simply copy or save those little graphic files and include them with your list of RSS links, numbering them to match the specific feed link. Without the graphics or picture there would simply be a number for the news feed as it is in our personal news feeds now. Here is an example:




Have you seen the size of the PRIZE MANIA jackpot? It is now up to $3457! We have had many prize winners but nobody has yet claimed the Jackpot! Remember, you must claim the prizes within one hour of the time your ID is selected as the winner. If you don’t claim the prize then someone else’s ID is chosen as the winner, and they have one hour to claim it.

Do some “Chat-Shopping” at  IdealSmarter today. Have fun with your next shopping trip without even leaving your PI pages by chatting and shopping together with friends and family. IdealSmarter and Shobbit, two great places to shop; new products are added all the time. Stock up your gift closet so you always have something on hand for those unexpected gift giving occasions.

Have some fun today; go to My Games and play your favorite game with a friend or family member. Remember you can now chat on your My Games page and all PI pages. You can also share your scores. What a great way to show others how much fun you can have at Perfect Internet! Don’t forget to share your personalized reflink so others can join you for FREE at Perfect Internet.

Have you downloaded this week’s free eBook from EEBOOX? PI members can download a FREE eBook each week and vote on the next week’s free selection.


Don’t forget the scheduled weekly webinars. Tomorrow is the PSM Webinar:

Every Wednesday @ 9:00 PM (ET or 6:00 PM PST) PSM (only) Webinar. No pre-registration needed.

→→First, Go here to bring up the webinar platform: Webinar Link

→→Second, get the Room PASSWORD by logging in to your PI homepage and Clicking on My Profile