Important Message Regarding RSS Feeds

*** Attention All Members and CMs****


PI will be including RSS News Feeds from each different country in our new and improved My News page.

We need everyone’s help to submit RSS Feeds from their own country.


You can submit 18 RSS Feeds per country.

Each RSS Feed must also have a jpeg image going with the RSS Feed link.


You can submit RSS Feeds for news, sports, or anything you think people in your country would find interesting.


Please number each feed based on popularity 1 – 18 with 1 being the most popular and 18 being the least popular. Also include the Topic of each RSS Feed Link. For example: Sports #1 link, Science #2 link, etc.


Each jpeg image should be named following this format country_1.jpeg, country_2.jpeg, etc. where the number coincides with the RSS news Feed link.

Please email the list of RSS News feeds in a word document and put all the images into a folder and zip it so that you can easily email everything at once.


Email everything to  subject in email: (list your country) RSS Feed


**Important Note** We only need the RSS feeds for the main languages of each country. For example India has 4 CMs yet the main language is Hindi. So we would only need RSS Feeds in Hindi.



Please make sure everything is accurate and numbered correctly. There is no great rush on this as we would rather have it done right the first time you send the message rather than spend time fixing errors.


Thank you all in advance for your assistance with this.