Day 53: Mega Deals Event a Success!

Sunday’s “Mega Deals Event” was a big hit! Tons of items were sold! All shipping refunds have been issued, the Jewelry will be shipped tomorrow, and all other items were already shipped today. Many members have said they found some terrific bargains and there are many yet to be found 24/7!

Every day we have new products in Shobbit and IdealSmarter for you to look at and share with others. Chat-Shopping is a PI thing. You can chat while you shop, compare shopping lists and shop at your leisure. Chat-Shopping is a fun alternative to using gift registries. Entire groups can shop together and chat live!

Have you downloaded your FREE eBook from EEBOOX? Each week PI members can download a FREE eBook and vote on the next week’s selection. Share that with people you know. PI is all about sharing! You have so much to share now and there will be much more to come!

Have you gone to the Polls in WAZZUB Community and voted on the games you have played? You will be choosing the games to be played in IBET…U LOSE! where you can bet a dime and win a million!

Don’t forget to check the WAZZUB Family Blog regularly for updates and the PI News daily. Did you know you have chat on the PI News and also the WAZZUB Family Blog? You can share the news and discuss the current events with your friends and family. You can also chat with your Facebook and Gtalk friends without leaving your PI pages!

Share your PRIZE MANIA reflink with friends and family. Let them know that as a member they would have a chance at the now current  $3431 Jackpot as well as other prizes.

Tip of the Day:

Send a brief message to your first generation members letting them know what new things we have in Perfect Internet. Many members who have been inactive still only know about and You can copy the following links to give them a tour of the PI Galaxy, both active pages and things to come soon.

Current Pages

Coming Soon