Community Updates!


Latest Updates!

Our WAZZUB Community Programmer has been busy making our WAZZUB Community better for us; here’s the latest……….


1. Upper case letters in Forums has now been fixed.
2. You can now post and watch YouTube videos right on your Wall!
3. Large photo size has been increased to 700 x 500.
4. Photos you post on your Wall opens on the page in a slideshow.
5. Photo thumbnails on wall increased (uses medium thumbnail now)
6. Invite to blog/club now takes recipient contact me authentication (friends only, everyone, etc.)
7. Users can only invite a new friend once every 10 minutes (prevents automated invites- strictly forbidden).
8. Font sizes for wall/blog comments have been increased.



Our very own FREE email service offering you convenience, multiple email addresses, smart spam filters and PRIVACY!

You can find help with registering and set-up at the MAILAXY Tutorials Blog and a video tour and Registration Tutorial here. You can find some Newly Posted tips here and here as well.

Use your ref ID found in your My Profile to invite new members!

New Tips



Do you need some pointers in creating/building your Club or Blog?

Here is a tutorial video from Cliff:

How to create a Blog or Club in (WAZZUB Community)


PI Official Videos Blog (updated)
Serbian language added to the 10 intro PI videos
Direct link:


Translations Available:

PI Новости на Русском Russian



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