Day 232: Last Day To Be A PI Co-Owner!

Today is the Final Day to be a Co-Owner in PI

12:00 Midnight – Miami Time is the deadline!

Act NOW while you still have an open window!

COP Countdown Timer

Check your email for a message from Gee!

Here is more information:

Ordering Instructions

Why COP?

If you have an order in for COP already, the time is NOW to finish your order before it is too late!

Will you be saying “Man, I’m glad I did that!”……
Or will you be saying “Coulda, shoulda, wished I woulda”?***



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Tip/Thought of the Day: (Presented by our special contributor Abla Haddad)


If you ask most people what is their one major objective in life, they would probably give you a vague answer, such as, “I want to be successful, be happy, make a good living,” and that is it.

They are all wishes and none of them are clear goals!


Goals must be SMART!

 S –specific

                                                            M–must be




Mark your calendars for March 27; we will learn more about our next Star unveiling and our exciting event in Las Vegas, Nevada USA on April 24, 2013! We are all eagerly waiting to see what great surprises PI has in store!


Translators Wanted

We need people who will help translate the PI pages. We are a family and we want to be closer to our members, and we want them to be able to understand and make use of all the benefits that PI is offering!

If you are willing to help us translate in some of the below mentioned languages, please send an email to with Subject: I want to translate in “language”.

The Power of WE

Languages needed:

Traditional Mandarin, Gujarati, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Lahnda



Translations Available:

PI Новости на Русском Russian




New Year – New Opportunities – New Stars

New Beginnings – New Friends

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