One Day Left for C.O.P Orders-extended

Only One More Day Left to Get in on this Future Changing Event! (update)

If you could turn back the hands of time would you do anything different?

Chances are, the answer would be yes. When Microsoft first started up people laughed….. DOS became a standard in computing and Windows 95 changed the face of computing forever.

If you were in a position to acquire shares of Microsoft way back did you? I was at that time and regrettably I didn’t. I wasn’t into investing and it didn’t even interest me. Hindsight is 20/20. I missed many more opportunities (see directly below). I am not making the same mistake this time around!

I read an article* from 2009 on Google’s 5 year anniversary of their IPO that stated 1000 Google employees were instantly turned into millionaires. Why was that? Because they purchased IPO shares? No, because they were able to acquire preferred shares prior to the IPO.

Similarly, Apple’s IPO on December 12, 1980 created 300 millionaires**, a record at that time. And there are many other companies that could be added to this list.

 What does this all have to do with PI you ask? You now have the same opportunity as those early investors in those now Giants! Did all those people have crystal balls? No, they saw an opportunity and they grabbed it because they believed in something and they took a chance. If you could go back in time would you now get in on those past opportunities? Probably so. Well you have that chance now, in a new company, PI, and probably at a fraction of what it could cost after our IPO.

We’re not talking about IPO (Initial Public Offering) here. We are talking about a pre-IPO offer that is generally only available to big Capital Investors. The COP shares are offered at a fraction of what the IPO would/could be and when they are converted to shares on our IPO there will no doubt be a lot of smiling faces. Look at the difference between the value already from less than one year ago when COP was offered in 2012. We were able to purchase then at a discount too, just as we are now, but the value has already more than doubled! Don’t miss it!

Act NOW while you still have an open window!

For those interested in the 2013 COP offer, the order form link is available in your PI My Profile on the upper left side, just below the Change Password button.

Why is PI making the COP available again? PI would like to give all registered members, not just PSM’s, the opportunity to take part in the Co-Ownership Program (COP) before the preferred shares are out of reach for most members and before the company goes public. This is just another example of PI’s willingness to share and to help members to better their lives and secure their futures and the futures of their loved ones.

The deadline for ordering COP is March 16 (updated), 2013 and the deadline for making payments is March 16, 2013 at midnight EST (updated). Payment methods are bank wire transfer and “Direct to Bank account” (D2B) service for online payments through credit cards using Western Union. IMPORTANT: We only accept payments to our bank. DO NOT send us money to be picked up at a WU branch! Ordering information will be available directly after you make your COP choice. Note: One (1) COP Unit is 250 shares. Only order by COP Units, not by the number of shares.

Note: You can use either the USA or the European information. Both are working OK. No need to worry about using the European Swift Code with the xxx at the end, it is correct. The official swift bic includes xxx,  but some institutes use just the first 8 characters.

For updated instructions you can go to Forums and then click on the
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*New York Times August 19, 2009, 9:30 am
** EDN Network December 12, 2012