Day 206: What are the odds of being struck twice by lightening?

To find the answer do an Safe Search and you will find many different answers.

The odds of two members winning in one day are much better at PI!


Today Ahmed B. from Morocco was the lucky winner who was at the right place at the right time!


Ahmed was the winner of the PRIZE MANIA Surprise gift! We’ll surprise him with 5000 DealPOINTs, so he can select his favorite prize at iDealSmarter!



We also had a Winner of 500 DealPOINTs in the Wild Draw!

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Our very own FREE email service offering you convenience, multiple email addresses, smart spam filters and PRIVACY!

You can find help with registering and set-up at the MAILAXY Tutorials Blog and a video tour and Registration Tutorial here. You can find some Newly Posted tips here as well.

Use your ref ID found in your My Profile to invite new members!

Tip: If you saved a message as a draft, you can go to your MAILAXY eMails menu and choose Drafts, then click on the button to the right, and in the dropdown menu choose Redirect.

Your message will come up, you can finish editing it, and then send it.



Have you downloaded your Free eBook for PI members yet?

Go to EEBOOX to download your FREE Valuable_eBook and check next week’s selections. Then go to the Polls to vote on your choice.


~Latest News~

  Do you have thoughts on how to re-design the PI landing page? We want to see your ideas! We would like a welcoming and friendly landing page; something with world wide appeal that reflects the PI Global Family membership. Please send an email expressing your interest and a brief overview of your ideas to . Please put “Landing Page” in the subject.

New Businesses and new Deals are being added daily in soDEALicious and in iBookSmarter. During the process it was felt there could be more information made available in the backoffices to not only make it more user friendly for our Business Partners but also for those who will be in contact with them. Since our backoffices are unique to us and developed by our very own programmers it will take additional programming to make these changes. Both new Deal Platforms will be opened just as soon as we feel they are ready to go. In the mean time it will give us the opportunity to add even more Deals and more Deals Partners.


Tip/Thought of the Day:

Here are some tips from a member or members that are often re-posted in different areas of Community.

Always keep in mind these 11 principles that would greatly improve traffic on


1. Do all your searches from our homepage don’t use Google or Bing, if you must use google, search for google with our homepage and enter google from our homepage.

2. If you are on fb, always enter fb from our homepage, so that if you enter fb 20 times a day it means that you would have entered fb 20 times from our homepage. If you are on twitter always ensure that you enter twitter via the twitter link on our homepage.

3. Include your regular email address among your 7 favorite links, so that anytime you check your emails you would simply click the link from MY LINKS on our homepage. If you check your email 8 times a day it means you would have entered your email account 8 times a day from our homepage.

4. Endeavor to put the 7 websites you visit frequently among your 7 favorite links on our homepage and you can change the websites listed among the 7 favorite links if you have a new website that you visit more often.

5. If you want to visit a website that is not among your 7 favorite links, instead of typing it directly into the address bar type it into MY WEB SEARCH on our homepage and search for it (even if you know the web address) and click it from the search results. Always ensure that there is no website that you enter directly, every website must be entered from our homepage.

6. If you use more than one computer in your home and office, make PI your homepage on all the computers you use. If you own a cyber café or a library with several computers make PI the homepage on all of the computers, this would make even the users of your computers to be aware of PI and they are likely to join and start using PI.

7. When you make PI your homepage in your office your colleagues would see your homepage and they would be curious and ask you what it is about, explain it to them and invite them to join PI with your link and help them to make PI their homepage on their office computer.

8. If you enjoy playing games, play the games on our homepage. You can change the games you play by selecting new games in MY PROFILE.

9. If you enjoy watching videos, search for videos on our homepage. If you must use YouTube make YouTube one of your 7 favorite links and enter YouTube from our homepage.

10. Read the news on our homepage, if you must read other news websites include it among your 7 favorite websites and enter those sites from our homepage.

11. If you make purchases on Ebay or Amazon, always ensure you enter those sites through the links on our homepage.




The next General Family Webinar is being planned and will soon be announced.

We will be making several announcements including a new Road Map outlining the direction PI is taking and future plans. We will be discussing information regarding the SSP and PSP and news we all have been waiting for regarding that. It is very important that all PI/WAZZUB members are at this next webinar, even those who are not active, so give your WAZZUB Family members a quick note to watch the PI News for announcements.



.Did You Miss the February 14 Family Webinar?
You can get the recap and the video link


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