Day 203: Friday is EEBOOX Day!

Which Valuable_eBook shall be next week’s FREE download for PI members?

You chose Traffic Generation Technique


You Can Quit Smoking 22%

10 Simple Tips to Ease Joint Pain 29%

Traffic Generation Technique 49%

Total Votes: 493

Which eBook shall be FREE next week?

Go to EEBOOX to download your FREE Valuable_eBook and check next week’s selections. Then go to the Polls to vote on your choice.



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Our DEALS Flag Ship!

Every Day Deals Equal Every Day Savings from iDealSmarter!

Find new items every day in every category.

Many New Categories have been added!

Check out the new ad in Services from Dr. Syed!


If you don’t see a product in a particular category it could be there are none there yet as the category must be added before the products can be uploaded, or there are products there that are geo-targeted to areas other than yours.


* Coming Soon! *

We were scheduled to open Thursday but there are some technical issues to get worked through. Still, businesses are being added daily!

Savings at your favorite local eateries and around the world are soDEALicious!


Travel, vacations, or just a night out;
You’ll find discounts of up to 99% off on all types of lodging at iBookSmarter!



Do you have a website or blog? Will you be ready when our advertisers are ready? You can still register to be a Publisher with madvertising and cash in on some crazy profits! Once our Galaxy is fully lit you will want to have your ad spots already set up as a publisher so you can get in on the commissions. Let’s spread across the globe with our madvertising banners!


Games You Choose – Bet a dime to get a million!



A Special place where Friends and Family can meet. A place for Businesses to connect with customers.

The Suggestions Club has moved to a new home! The new WUB Suggestions Club for Community is hosted by Community Team Leader Karsten Bier (KingBier)
New Suggestions Club

The Suggestions Club Blog has moved to a new home too! The new WUB Suggestions Club Blog for Community is hosted by Community Team Leader Karsten Bier.
New Suggestions Club Blog


It’s time again to get input from You, the members. Just like we asked for your input for Community enhancements you will also have a chance to give input on all the PI Stars Platforms. But first we need some interested members to become volunteer Team Leaders to moderate  new Suggestion Clubs and Blogs that will be built for each of our Stars. The next ones will be for Mailaxy. We have many talented members out there who over time have shown their stuff! Are you a designer, artist, writer, businessman, or just full of all sorts of talents? Let’s hear from You!

If you are interested in becoming one of the Team Leaders send an email to [ ] showing your interest. In the body of the message state which of the Stars you would be interested in and state some of your talents. Please put “Team Leader” in the subject of the message. No emails for other subjects will be answered. Please use the appropriate channels for all other subjects or concerns.

The Suggestions Clubs/Blogs are housed under the Member Services and Customer Care (MSCC) Wazzub Community profile.

Each Team Leader will have access to that profile and their respective Club/Blog that you are managing.

The purpose of the Suggestions Clubs/Blogs is to get input from members on possible features and/or enhancements to the various PI Stars.

Each Platform Team Leader will collect the information from their respective Club/Blog and along with their own suggestions, submit them in an organized, neat and condensed document to the designated Coordinator or Manager for each Platform at least monthly.


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All unclaimed cash prizes from LOTTO MADNESS will be added to the PRIZE MANIA jackpot.



Our very own FREE email service offering you convenience, multiple email addresses, smart spam filters and PRIVACY!

You can find help with registering and set-up at the MAILAXY Tutorials Blog and a video tour and Registration Tutorial here. You can find some Newly Posted tips here as well.

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Where can you find the Best DEALS in Town?


CHEEAAP! DEALS You have to be fast to get these DEALS; the price drops every 5 seconds!

DIGI4LESS – Digital Products starting at a discount and dropping in price every 5 seconds!

EEBOOX DEALS is eBooks on steroids!



Lights Out Action!

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Tip/Thought of the Day: (Presented by our special contributor Abla Haddad)

” Load the ship and set out. No one knows for certain whether the vessel will sink or reach the harbor. Cautious people say, “I’ll do nothing until I can be sure”. Merchants know better. If you do nothing, you lose. Don’t be one of those merchants who won’t risk the ocean.”

 Lauren Covington —


Did You Miss the February 14 Family Webinar?
You can get the recap and the video link

Special Notice:

PI is Looking for Creative and Talented Computer Graphic Designers Please go to the following blog in Community for details.




PI is currently building teams of members who wanted to be a bigger part of PI and laying the groundwork for the launching of our next Stars, soDEALicious and iBookSmarter. You too can be a BIG part of the Success! You can receive commissions on the sales of all products or services sold from approved Business Partners you introduce to PI for as long as they are still participating in our Deal Platforms. This is HUGE! You have the chance to not only secure your future, but to help with the profitability of the company, which will benefit all members. You will also be helping your local businesses to be more successful and profitable by showcasing their products and services on our unique Deal Platforms that are utilizing several patent pending technologies.

**If you are interested in becoming a PI Affiliate please go to this PI News Special Post for instructions on how to take the first steps. Please follow the instructions carefully. Please note: Our members who have already come forward and shown that they want to be part of our success are currently being trained in the new backoffices for our Deal Platforms and others are being trained on the necessary steps to be successful as Affiliates with PI.

You may have noticed two new links on your main menu in PI. Be an Affiliate, and Be a Partner. Until other arrangements are made, continue to follow the instructions above ** to make contact with the proper Department to get more information on the proper procedures from those who are fully trained.



Important Notice Regarding DealPOINTs


Effective February 13, 2013

Deal Point Changes Go Into Effect:

Deal Points are awarded only to active members.

When you invite a member, you will receive your 5 DealPOINTs when your invited member has reached their minimum required hours on PI for the month.

For the newly invited member, they will receive their 100 DealPOINTs when they have achieved the minimum required hours on PI for the month.

The minimum required hours are an easily attainable goal and most members are already reaching this goal; some already do it in one day. If you reach this in one day, there is no problem and your DealPOINTs you have earned during the month thus far, will be received as soon as the hours have been met. All new DealPOINTs earned after reaching your minimum hours on PI, will be credited immediately for the remainder of the month.

Purchasing with DealPOINTs:

We have changed the way DealPOINTs can be spent on our Deal Pages.

DealPOINTs can only be used on deals from the following vendors:
Supreme Jewels

Members can still use their DP the same as they do now. The listed vendors are the ones we currently have been using DP with on IDS and of course items from EEBOOX that are on IDS. The Tmart items that qualify are from Shobbit. The only difference is we now have new Businesses and we are not set up to use the DP with the new businesses yet. Visiting any of our PI pages including Community and all our Stars qualifies toward the minimum activity hours.

Later we will adjust for more vendors.

Thank you everyone.



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