Day 201: Community Updates

The latest two updates to WAZZUB Community:

1. You can now use “enter” in a wall post to create paragraphs and they should show up as such.  With this change the enter key will not submit the post, you must click “post”.

2. Added a “Edit” and “Review” tab for editing a blog post.  So you can now, edit your post, and after refresh click on the “Review” tab and see your formatted text.

We will gradually see more changes to Clubs, Blogs, Chat and more enhancements to Community itself.

The Suggestions Club has moved to a new home! The new WUB Suggestions Club for Community is hosted by Community Team Leader Karsten Bier (KingBier)
New Suggestions Club

The Suggestions Club Blog has moved to a new home too! The new WUB Suggestions Club Blog for Community is hosted by Community Team Leader Karsten Bier.
New Suggestions Club Blog


It’s time again to get input from You, the members. Just like we asked for your input for Community enhancements you will also have a chance to give input on all the PI Stars Platforms. But first we need some interested members to become volunteer Team Leaders to moderate  new Suggestion Clubs and Blogs that will be built for each of our Stars. The next ones will be for Mailaxy. We have many talented members out there who over time have shown their stuff! Are you a designer, artist, writer, businessman, or just full of all sorts of talents? Let’s hear from You!

If you are interested in becoming one of the Team Leaders send an email to [ ] showing your interest. In the body of the message state which of the Stars you would be interested in and state some of your talents. Please put “Team Leader” in the subject of the message. No emails for other subjects will be answered. Please use the appropriate channels for all other subjects or concerns.

The Suggestions Clubs/Blogs are housed under the Member Services and Customer Care (MSCC) Wazzub Community profile.

Each Team Leader will have access to that profile and their respective Club/Blog that you are managing.

The purpose of the Suggestions Clubs/Blogs is to get input from members on possible features and/or enhancements to the various PI Stars.

Each Platform Team Leader will collect the information from their respective Club/Blog and along with their own suggestions, submit them in an organized, neat and condensed document to the designated Coordinator or Manager for each Platform at least monthly.


Our very own FREE email service offering you convenience, multiple email addresses, smart spam filters and PRIVACY!

You can find help with registering and set-up at the MAILAXY Tutorials Blog and a video tour and Registration Tutorial here. You can find some Newly Posted tips here as well.

Use your ref ID found in your My Profile to invite new members


There have been several instances lately where members have had trouble logging into their newly setup MAILAXY accounts or do not have their MAILAXY showing properly on their PI homepage.

*One of the common reasons for errors is incorrectly inputing your email address when setting it up. When choosing your new MAILAXY eMail name only put the name in the box and not the MAILAXY address. For instance do not enter in the box. It will come out like this: which is not a valid email address.

*When registering your new MAILAXY eMail account you are asked to enter an alternative email address. This should be your PI registered email address. If you enter any other email address your MAILAXY eMail account will not be linked to your PI homepage. Also, be sure to go to Settings>Start Page>Customize (on the right) and be sure that the Welcome widget is selected. This is what links your MAILAXY to your homepage.


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Tip/Thought of the Day:  (Presented by our special contributor Abla Haddad)

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