Day 143: Opportunity Knocks!

Take a look at our Tip/Thought of the day. When Opportunity knocks do you open the door? Or are you one who peers out the window and lets it go by?

When WAZZUB was first introduced to us it was one of those Opportunities that you didn’t want to miss out on and it broke records both in growth and speed of growth, regardless of certain issues. Like a caterpillar encapsulating itself in a chrysalis and emerging a butterfly, Perfect Internet was born. Is the Opportunity over? Far from it! Especially for those who still keep the vision. Would we have the magnificence of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the America’s if they were given up on? Would we have the beautiful architecture of Europe and Asia if it was given up on? No.

Opportunity knocks again! And it is here now, and here for those who have the foresight and the vision to recognize it. Perfect Internet is still developing and is much more now than the original vision. It is here to stay. And during this phase of development you again have the chance to be involved and to take part by becoming a PI Affiliate and invite your local businesses to be part of the next world phenomenon. You can secure your place in history and your future, and proudly be able to say “I was part of the success”!


Savings at your favorite local eateries and around the world!


PI is currently building teams of members who wanted to be a bigger part of PI and laying the groundwork for the launching of our next Stars, soDEALicious and iBookSmarter. Is our help necessary? No, PI could do this all on its own, but one of the original concepts of PI is sharing and another is to make the lives of others better. You can receive commissions on the sales of all products or services sold from approved Business Partners you introduce to PI for as long as they are still participating in our Deal Platforms. This is HUGE! You have the chance to not only secure your future, but to help with the profitability of the company, which will benefit all members. You will also be helping your local businesses to be more successful and profitable by showcasing their products and services on our unique Deal Platforms that are utilizing several patent pending technologies.

Now is the time for decisions. If you sit back and peer out the window this could pass you by. Those who are early have the best chances to move forward. Right now this is only for PI members, but not for long. It will soon be opened up to everyone, so don’t be left out.

If you are interested in becoming a PI Affiliate please go to yesterday’s PI News Special Post for instructions on how to take the first steps.


Travel, vacations, or just a night out; You’ll find discounts of up to 99% off on all types of lodging at iBookSmarter!

Every Day Deals Equal Every Day Savings from IdealSmarter!

You can find Deals in every category, every day, on every page at IdealSmarter, where the prices start at a discount and keep dropping by the minute until some smart shopper hits the DEAL button!


Just one more piece of the puzzle….

Do you have a  website or blog? Will you be ready when our advertisers are ready? You can still register to be a Publisher with madvertising and cash in on some crazy profits! Once our Galaxy is fully lit you will want to have your ad spots already set up as a publisher so you can get in on the commissions. Let’s spread across the globe with our madvertising banners.


We have two Winners of DealPOINTs who need to claim their prize; one Winner from a Wild Draw, and one Winner from the BonoLoto!

We are still waiting for the results from the Power Ball drawing from today…Good Luck!

Now you get More Draws Every Week at LOTTO MADNESS!

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You can find help with registering and set-up at the  MAILAXY  Tutorials Blog and a video tour and Registration Tutorial here. You can find some more tips here as well.

Use your  ref ID found in your My Profile to invite new members!


PI members get a FREE weekly eBook download! You can use your eeboox referral link from your My Profile to invite new members and get +5 DealPOINTs for each new member who joins using your link.

 Go to EEBOOX to download your FREE Valuable_eBook “Email Marketing” then head to the Polls and choose next week’s FREE eBook for PI members!


Tip/Thought of the Day:  (Presented by our special contributor Abla Haddad)

Have you heard this old saying?

“Opportunity knocks on your doorsteps only once, Grab it.”

It’s like a running water in the river which will never return if you let it go.

Let today be the Day!

The Now is how you create the rest of your path to become.

The now matters as each step you take now, will build the foundations of what’s to come. You are still young so do your best to reach your goal! 

~ abla ~

Notice from Support:

The Support Department would like to announce that there are many members who requested WAZZUB Community accounts set up that were sent forms to complete and return. We can not set your accounts up until you return the necessary information.

Also, there are many members contacting the Support email address that was set up specifically for members who did not have Community accounts, who should be contacting PIAF instead. And there are many members contacting PIAF who don’t need to.

For all Support questions not related to getting a new Community account set up or not related to PIAF please use the Support chatrooms first, or the Support link on your Community page.

Your WAZZUB/PI Support



Special Notice:

PI is Looking for Creative and Talented Computer Graphic Designers Please go to the following blog in Community for details.



NEXT –> PSM & SSM-GENERAL Family Webinar: January 10, 2013 ( Big updates and new developments. This is our 1st Kick off Webinar that will launch PI into 2013 in the right direction with more new stars in our Galaxy that will certainly put a big smile in all of the WAZZUBIAN’S faces. DO NOT MISS THIS WEBINAR! )


Thursday @ 9:00 PM (EST) No pre-registration needed.

→→First, Go here to bring up the Webinar platform: Webinar Link

→→Second,   Go here 15 minutes before the Webinar to get the password. It will also be posted in various places in Community.

WAZZUB Family Webinar World Times


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