Important Notice for +Cash Flow Students and All Members-Updated

As you know PI previously required all who wanted to train and get registered to be a +Cash Flow Expert to be PSMs and to take the online course from the VIP area in My Profile. That process was temporarily put on hold and for good reason.

PI is a progressive company and it adapts to the ever changing needs and environment to ensure the success of both the company and its members. It is for this reason that the requirement to take the previous training and certification is no longer applicable.

PI is opening it up for members* who wish to become an Affiliate to bring their local businesses on-board to offer their products or services on the PI Deals Platforms. As an Affiliate, you will earn a commission from the service fees received by PI for each sale of the approved businesses you introduced. Now is your opportunity to become a bigger part of PI! This is currently open to members but will soon be open to non-members as well. So now is the time to grab the opportunity!

You do not need to be a PSM to participate but you should have the following traits:

*If you are honest, positive, professional, committed, reliable, and can follow directions we want to hear from you. PI is currently doing ongoing training and developing additional training materials. We are building the structure and base of our global marketing team.

To get more information and to become involved you can send a contact request in Skype to (preferred), or you can send a message in Community to WAZZUB Support 3 (you must be logged in.)

In Skype use the following procedures:

  1.  Click on “Add a contact” from the bottom left side of your contact list window.
  2. When the “Add a contact” search box comes up enter [  ] in the bottom search field labeled “Skype Name” and click on “+Add”
  3. When the pre-filled contact request message box pops up add the following information to what is already there, and in English only:
  • Your PI/WAZZUB ref ID
  • Your WAZZUB Community username
  • Your real first name
  • Your Country
  • Do you speak English?
  • The words “Affiliate request“.
  • Your PI registered email address (not your mailaxy address)
  • Note: If you are already in one of the PI Angels rooms there is no need to apply as an Affiliate. You are already there.

In the WAZZUB Support 3 message page follow these procedures:

  1. Be sure to be logged in to PI and/or Community
  2. Click on the WAZZUB Support 3 link to bring up the message page for Support 3.
  3. In the Subject box put: “Affiliate request (your ref ID)“.
  4. In the message body put:
    • Your PI/WAZZUB ref ID (Not the entire link, just the ID at the end of your link)
    • Your registered PI email address
    • Your real first name
    • Your Country
    • Do you speak English?
    • The words “Affiliate request“.
    • Please do not send friend requests, or requests/invitations to view Blogs or Clubs.


Please do not send requests to both places. Neither the Support Skype profile nor the WAZZUB Support 3 inbox are for any other purpose than specified above. No other requests or issues will be addressed and all messages will be deleted. Please use the appropriate channels for all other purposes.

Failure to follow directions could result in delays or denial of your request. Incorrect information will result in denial of your request.

There have been many contact requests sent to the Skype profile without the appropriate information. They were deleted. Because of the number of people world wide who use Skype there is no way of knowing who is trying to make contact with us unless you enter the requested information. If you are already in one of the PI Angels rooms you do not need to send an Affiliate request-you are already there. If you are a CM, Support or CM&BR member please state this also.

Once we receive your Affiliate request you will be contacted and added to the appropriate Skype room for further information if you have Skype (it is strongly recommended for now. You can get a free account at )
The Affiliate requests from the Support 3 inbox will be re-directed to the appropriate Regional Manager.

These are message retrieving areas and not manned live and have no auto responders. All Applications need to be verified. Please do not expect an immediate response. Thank You for your cooperation.