Day 24: Games, Games, Games!!!

Day 24 is a day to take some time out and play your favorite Game! Today you have 15 New Games to play!!!

10 New Single Player Games: “Animal Olympics – Triple Jump”, “Animal Olympics – Hurdles”, “Spider Web”, “Tip Tap Tile”, “Shape Inlay”, “Math Man”, “Marble Lines”, “Mahjongg”, ”Super Pitcher”, “Bouncing Balls”

5 New Multi Player Games: “Multiplayer Eight Ball”, “Multiplayer Chess”, “Royal Game of Ur”, ”Multiplayer Hakka Cards”,” Multiplayer Rummy”


Please try all the games and later today you will be able to evaluate them in the Polls in Community. You will rate them on a scale of 6 stars to 1 star, 6 Stars being the highest rating and 1 star being the lowest.

By rating the games You the members will get to choose which games will be used for ”I Bet U Lose!” where you will be able to play vs. other members to turn Your DealPOINTs into hard CASH!

Speaking of CASH, don’t forget to go to PRIZE MANIA and check to see if you won the Jackpot! It is now over $2,667!