Day 114: Deals at 90% or Better!

How many deals can you find that are 90% off or better? All products on IdealSmarter start at a discount and the prices drop every minute until you see “THIS DEAL IS GONE!


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Have you used your PI today? Did you know you can add your favorite website links right to your PI homepage? First you go to your My Profile page and scroll down to the link personalization area below the games. Copy the link to your favorite page in a box on the left (the link must begin with http:// to work). In the box to the right of your link you simply give it any name you wish, like My Facebook, My Bank, etc. Don’t forget to click on the Green SAVE button. You can currently add 7 personalized links.

Tip/Thought of the Day: (Presented by our special contributor Abla Haddad)


” Email is like the spoken word and you must THINK before you Speak. Because once the words leave your Lips or the email leaves your Fingertips, you Can’t take them back.”

~ Author  Unknown  ~


~~~Important Notices~~~

Please white-list and so you don’t miss out on any important communications from PI.


~~On a Personal Note


I had a chance to chat with Dan this morning and he is feeling quite a bit better and appreciates all the well wishes. What really makes Dan happy is when he is able to pass on good news. So check the Special Webinar schedule down below and make a special attempt to be present.




Nov 29, 2012 @ 9:00 PM (EST-USA) Amazing News to ALL Members ~YOU REALLY DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS WEBINAR! We’ll see you there!

→→First, Go here to bring up the webinar platform: Webinar Link


→→Second,  Go here before the webinar to get the password. It will also be posted in various places in Community.

WAZZUB Family Webinar World Times

PASSWORD: Will be posted in the WAZZUB Family Blog 15 min before the webinar



November 29, 2012 will be the last day to email PIAF regarding unverified accounts.