PIAF Conditions and Requirements

PIAF Conditions and Requirements

November 23, 2012

The PIAF conditions and requirements are strictly only for those who were correctly unverified. All that have been unverified have until 30th Nov 2012 to email PIAF and try to get their account verified (Only the person active will be verified). To have your down line verified they need to contact PIAF themselves and be active in order to be verified. The only way for PIAF to currently monitor their activity is through WAZZUB Community.

Note: Only those who contact PIAF on or before 30th of Nov, 2012 will have this opportunity. If you are in this group you have till a specific time to be active to get your account verified. If you fail to have your account verified within that time then your account will remain unverified. We will inform of when that time is later.


Those who contact PIAF after 30th Nov, 2012 will only get one of these two answers from PIAF.


1. Sorry your account has been wrongly unverified and has now been verified. We apologize for the inconvenience.


2. Sorry your account has been correctly unverified with valid reasons and will stay unverified and will be deleted from PSM list, however you can continue to be a PI member and enjoy all other services and benefits that PI offers.

Your PIAF Team