Biggest Talent Season 3 – Battle Of The Countries


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Finalists from 32 countries are battling for 8 spots at the FINALS SHOW in Las Vegas, and


You can start voting for your favorite contestants and inviting your friends to support them. 

First round of Battles will be until Monday, 05/15, 12pm  company time. COMPLETED

■■ Second round, Wednesday, 05/17, at 12pm-till   Monday May 22, Tuesday, May 23. 12pm company time


The final round of battles is extended for 24 hours- because some of the battles are very tight… so, this is your final chance to collect more votes!
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There is also a contest for the judges, be sure to check it out for your chance to attend the LIVE Final Show in Las Vegas too.


(The more battles you vote on, the higher your chances are to be invited to join us for the FINALS SHOW).

The Last 16 Battle Winners for the first round of the BIGGEST TALENT


CONGRATS to all Winners!

 1. Flag of South Africa South Africa: Jamie Barthus

 2. Flag of Venezuela Venezuela: Lucia Valentina

 3. Flag of Ivory Coast Ivory Coast: Drelone

 4. Flag of Mexico Mexico: Alejandro Lofig

 5. Flag of Morocco Morocco: MC Fifteen

 6. Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistán: Farkhodjon Gapparov

 7. Flag of Philippines Philippines: Jay-R “Rex Revol” Altoveros

 8. Flag of Romania Romania: Letty

 9. Flag of Russia Russia: Lianna Kasatkina

10. Flag of Czech Republic Czechia: Vondy

11. Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria: Duo Raise

12. Flag of Croatia Croatia: Hanna

13. Flag of Bolivia Bolivia: Alcoholika La Christo

14. Flag of India India: Himanshu Goel

15Flag of Belarus Belarus: Anastasiya Leikina

16. Flag of Armenia Armenia: Syuzi Adamyan 



BIGGEST TALENT 2017- The Last 16 Battle Winners
South Africa: Jamie Barthus
Venezuela: Lucia Valentina
Ivory Coast: Drelone
Armenia: Syuzi Adamyan
Mexico: Alejandro Lofig
Uzbekistán: Farkhodjon Gapparov
Philippines: Jay-R “Rex Revol” Altoveros
Romania: LETTY
Russia: Lianna Kasatkina
Czechia: Vondy
Bulgaria: Duo Raise
Croatia: Hanna
Bolivia:  Alcoholika La Christo
India: Himanshu Goel
Belarus: Anastasiya Leikina