Day 1650: Unicorn Network – Public Webinar – CBM Webinar March 31


Please join us for a very special CBM General Webinar, on
Friday, March 31, 2017 at 11 am USA Pacific
where we will share new updates at CBM
including affiliate opportunities, new SMP, and more!

Register for the Webinar here:

WE look forward to seeing you there!
Please share with your first generation of invited members, friends, and family.



  • CBM Updates
  • Affiliate Opportunity
  • New SMP


Check your time here:

Webinar Time


 For the most recent updates regarding the PERNUM payments please see
the updated Unicorn General CBM Webinar in Wazzub Community
in the English Unicorn General Webinar Recaps 4 blog.



The Competitions Have Begun!

Phase I

Competitions by Country

If you have a friend who is already a
Unicorn Network/PI member,
ask them for a link to join.

Be sure to choose Your Country
You will only be able to vote (by Liking)
for contestants in the Country you chose.

You can view all contestant videos
and add them as favorites
and leave them a comment.

This is our 3rd Year running – and formerly known as
IWBF (I Wanna Be Famous),


Find more information on the January 26 BT Updates Webinar Recap

The challenge begins…..


Please Visit Our Facebook Pages
By Country

View samples of our contestants videos
and like and leave a comment!


Do You BOBL?

Check Dan’s BOBL Wall
for some highlights from the
Most Famous Awards Show
held on November 7, 2016


Safe Cracker Club

Visit our Safe Cracker Club page on Facebook


Tip/Thought of the Day:(Presented by Abla)

“What Is Life?

They say it’s from B to D. From Birth to Death,

But what’s between B and D?

It’s a “C” So what is a “C”? It is a Choice.

Our Life is a matter of choices,

Live well and it will never GO WRONG.”


~ Anonymous

Translations Available:Spanish