Day 1334: Unicorn-PI-WAZZUB-WSS-Family Webinar – Cashback Marketing Pre-Launch! – New Webinar Platform

Dear Unicorn – PI – WAZZUB – WSS Family,

We are proud to announce the upcoming pre-launch of Cashback Marketing (CBM), where every member has the chance to earn commissions and Family Bonuses for FREE!

Notice: Due to issues with the webinar platform, inability to upload videos and graphics, members not being able to login, slow response, the Webinar is rescheduled for Thursday. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to You, our members. It is frustrating for you and the entire Team as well. Hope to see you again on Thursday, March 31.

Please join us on Thursday March 31, 2016 @ 12:00 pm PDT
For a Special CASHBACK Marketing release Webinar!
Invite your entire 1st Generation to hear about CASHBACK Marketing.

 New Webinar Platform – See Below

Reminder ~~ The USA, Canada and many places are now in Daylight Savings Time.


  • New business opportunity


New Webinar Platform

Go to BOBL to get the
link for the registration page.

Click the pic below…

Note: Registration closes once the meeting starts. If you have pre-registered you can enter late. The countdown timer on the registration page is for the pre-launch, it is not for the time of the Webinar which is one hour earlier than is shown on the registration page.