Day 91: Remember “No Click – No Scroll”?

“No Click – No Scroll” is here!

You have heard the term “No Click – No Scroll” but you may not have known exactly what it was or what it referred to. Now you can see it in action! Go to your PI homepage and login. On the top main menu tabs just hover over the different tabs briefly with your pointer and see what happens…..Is that awesome or what? Now you can quickly change between pages just by hovering over the tab briefly.

Have you noticed another change? Now you may see a My eMails tab where the My Videos tab was positioned. It’s coming!!

You may see some strange things happening while the Team is making upgrades and updates so if something doesn’t work please be patient, refresh, or just try again at a later time.

Just a reminder that the PSM and SSM Family Webinars will now be held bi-weekly. You can go here to the WAZZUB Family Blog to get the schedule.

The PRIZE MANIA jackpot is up to $4340!Were you chosen as one of today’s winners? There’s only one way to find out; go to PRIZE MANIA and click on the blue button to see if you are the current hour’s selected winner! Check back later.

Friendly reminder from PIAF: All member who are in contact with or need to contact PIAF need to send a friend request to Anti-Fraud. All communications from PIAF will be to your WAZZUB Community profile.

Tip/Thought of the Day: (Presented by our special contributor Abla Haddad)

There is no ‘I’ in “WAZZUB”!

WE don’t think ‘I’.

We never say ‘I’.

WE think  “WE”.

WE are The Power Of WE!
~ Abla Haddad~