Day 985: PI/WUB Family Webinar April 16 – LOTTEFREE Drawing! Country Managers Openings!


Join us Thursday, April 16th 2015 @ 12:00 PM US Pacific Time.

Wub/PI Family Gatherings for All Members PIFM & SSM


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  • Exciting PI Updates
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Don’t Miss the April 16 General Family Webinar
Where We Will Have Our Next Live Drawing For
The LOTTEFREE Jackpot!
(Note: it is 1 day later than the date on the site.)

All category winners since our last drawing
will be in the next
Live Jackpot Drawing where a 4 digit number
will be randomly drawn,
one number at a time.
If that number matches one of your winning entries exactly…

You could be our Jackpot Winner!

There could also be ties.

If Nobody Wins the Jackpot
$ 500 more will be added!

Will You Be Our Next Winner?


We Share Success is now looking for
Country Managers to join our team!

Below you will find a list of the countries that we are looking for now, however, if you are in another area, but speak a language from any of those countries listed, don’t hesitate to apply, we may have a place for you.

 Here are some of the requirements and expectations of the position:

A commitment to excellence and success

The ability to communicate in English

The ability to translate documents from English to your country’s official language

Use of Skype for team communication

Have Excel for simple weekly reporting

Use of WAZZUB Chat and Clubs to give member support

 Join the fun now!

To Apply: Send your CV to:


North America

USA ( Have a CM, but need additional one)  -  Canada

Middle East

Qatar  -  Saudi Arabia  -  Bahrain  -  Oman  -  Lebanon  -  Jordan
Hungary  -  Tajikistan  -  Austria  -  Belgium  -  Denmark  -  Finland  -  Germany  -  Iceland  -  Netherlands  -  Norway  -
Sweden  -  Switzerland  -  Israel  -  Italy  -  Portugal
Southeast Pacific
 Singapore  -  Fiji  – New Guinea
 China  -  Macau  -  Hong Kong  -  Taiwan  -  Cambodia  -
Japan  -  Laos  -  Myanmar  -  South Korea  -  Thailand  -
Mongolia  -  North Korea
 Central and South America
Mexico  -   Colombia  -   Chile  -   Venezuela  -  Peru  -
Uruguay  -  Bolivia  -  Panama  -  Costa Rica  -
Nicaragua  -  Honduras
 Angola  – Sudan  -  Kenya  –  Ethiopia  –  Libya  -
Tunisia  -  Tanzania  -  Ghana  –  DR Congo  -
Cameroon  -  Uganda  -  Gabon  –  Mozambique
South Asia

Srilanka  -  Afghanisthan  -  Iran  -  Maldives  -
Bhutan  -  Nepal


Tip/Thought of the Day: (Presented by Abla)


“Flaming enthusiasm, backed by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.”


~ Dale Carnegie

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You are a dreamer,

and you are an achiever.

May you dream and achieve bigger feats,

with every passing year.

All the best for the new year.