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Today’s Webinar

Another Important PIFM Webinar

Join us Today, Saturday, October 11th for another
Important PIFM Webinar!

Get all the latest updates!

Saturday October 11th, at 10:00 AM U.S. Pacific time

Important Updates on…

  • Poll Results
  • Latest Project Updates
  • More Great News!

PASSWORD: It will be posted in the PSM area 30 minutes before the webinar

–>> First, Go here to bring up the Webinar platform:
Perfect Internet Conference Room

–>> Second, key in the password from the PSM Area

Check Your Local Time Here

To see what time it is for you just go to the list below the clocks, or change the location on the “Converted Time” side by clicking on the “Change Location” link in the upper right corner above the clock.




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Cash for Scents

“Cash for Scents”


Cash for Scents – 56 Votes


Casanova’s Cheat Sheet - 33 Votes

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” Life is a just like a text book. Every day is a chapter. If you write the chapters of life in a meaningful and sequential order, you will get success in your life.”


Srinivas Vissapragada —


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