Day 85: Friday is EBOOX Day!

Which Valuable_eBook shall be next week’s FREE download for PI members?

You Chose 7 Dollar Secrets with 65% of the votes.

The Results:

Fun And Excitement With RC Cars


7 Dollar Secrets


Bedroom Satisfaction Tips


Total Votes: 1145


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Tip/Thought of the Day: (Presented by our special contributor Abla Haddad)

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” — Author Unknown –


Rumor Has It:

What is a Rumor? A rumor is information that one person has heard that is passed on to others.

Sometimes a Rumor is accurate information even though not actually derived from a factual source.

Often a Rumor is mere Gossip which is information that is more often than not non-factual or inaccurate.

When we spread Rumors or Gossip about another person that information can often be damaging to that person. It can also influence others’ opinion of that person and lead them to follow suit and spread the same Rumor or start new ones.

If false information is spread about another person, not only is it wrong, but it is damaging to a person’s reputation and character. It has different names: lie, slander, libel, among others; all of which are not a favorable tag in any culture.

If you are the one spreading Rumors, Gossip, or untruths then you are guilty of labels correlating to your actions.

If you don’t know for a fact that something is true, or you are making suppositions, or just planning to blindly repeat what someone else has said, it is best that you just keep it to yourself and not broadcast it publicly. There are always proper channels to follow for reporting something or for making inquiries. And if you have been given facts proving your suspicions wrong then it is of very poor character to keep repeating the same Rumors, Gossip or Accusations. Please, don’t be a Gossipy Goose!