Day 774: PIFM Webinar Today!

Very Important PIFM Webinar

Join us Today, Tuesday September 30th for an Important PIFM Webinar

Get all the latest updates!

Today, at 10:00 AM U.S. Pacific time

Important Updates on…


  • Project Updates
  • More Great News!

PASSWORD: It will be posted in the PSM area 30 minutes before the webinar

–>> First, Go here to bring up the Webinar platform:
Perfect Internet Conference Room

–>> Second, key in the password from the PSM Area

Check Your Local Time Here

To see what time it is for you just go to the list below the clocks, or change the location on the “Converted Time” side by clicking on the “Change Location” link in the upper right corner above the clock.


The Previous Recaps are in your
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The Tuesday and Saturday Webinars are recurring until further notice. Next Webinar will be on Saturday.


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Bigger Surprises – More New Friends

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Year of the Green Horse