Get Ready, Get Set, GO!

Go Glasses Free with
NEO3DO that is!

That’s right, the time you have been waiting for
has arrived!

The new Glasses Free PI3DTAB page is now live and ready for pre-orders!


Order one of the first 999 units to receive a special numbered edition PI3DTAB, including a matching case & keyboard, as well as a 32 GB (of EXTRA space) memory card at no extra charge! The value of this special bonus is US$ 50. As an extra Bonus, for everyone who orders a special edition PI3DTAB, you will receive a US$ 50 discount coupon for our second generation PI3DTAB coming out in 2015!

Every PI3DTAB comes complete with the Perfect APP software, as well as access to thousands of other useful Apps and features you are sure to love!

To view the page and check out all the details you can click here:

Members, you can get your reflink from your PI Profile > SETUP , then click on the SHOW MY REFLINKS tab to go to your list of reflinks.
Copy your reflink and paste it to the address bar of your browser.

Be sure to pre-order using your Referral Link for the PI3DTAB in order to get your commission.

To clarify things regarding this discount field and our commissions on our OWN PI3DTAB purchases from our Reflinks…

It is not a discount we receive, it is a commission on our own orders. This is something normally other companies do NOT do. So because it is a commission, this will NOT be shown as a discount when you place your order unless you purchased CFU, then you will see the discount. Be sure to click on the link in this phrase above order form…
“CFU owners click here to login and get discount”

It WILL however show as an earned commission on your account and you will receive your due commissions as per PI’s normal pay schedule.

We apologize for any confusion, and all webinar recaps will be edited to show this correct understanding.

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support of our wonderful project!

Long live The Power of “We”!

You can see NEO3DO on Perfect Pages!


Are You going to GO to Las Vegas
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Most Famous Awards Show 2014?

Get Your Tickets Now!

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~Only 500 seats/tickets available~

PI members will receive pre-order discounts:

  • General Members – 30% discount (must be logged in to receive discount. Refresh if it doesn’t display the discount once logged in)
  • PSMs – 50% discount (must be logged in to receive discount. Refresh if it doesn’t display the discount once logged in)
  • Up to 35% hotel discounts for those members who pre-order
    (to receive discounts you must send an email to the email address provided at the GOING TO LAS VEGAS Club. Please include your ref ID and registered email address and a clear reason why you are sending the email, such as number attending, how many rooms, how many nights, etc.)

Please join the GOING TO LAS VEGAS? Club

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at the

Tommy Wind Theater in Las Vegas

Check out our I WANNA BE FAMOUS Official Facebook page to check on the progress and get all the updates as we head into the 2014 – 2015 season.

See our Category Winners perform LIVE!

Congratulations to Lila Bennet who won the Judges Contest and who will receive a ticket to the show and also transportation and a hotel room!