Day 652: Voting ends at Midnight at I WANNA BE FAMOUS! — Get Your FREE eBook Download! – PA V 1.7 Ready

There’s just a little less than 1 hour left to vote!

It’s Almost Time to reveal the
Category Winners!

Tonight at Midnight ends the
Round 4 Category Finals

2 Finalists/category

May 17th at Midnight PDT we will have our 4 Winners,
1 from each category.

These 4 Finals Winners will be invited to perform at the
Most Famous Awards

at the Tommy Wind Theater on Las Vegas Boulevard!

May 18th- 2 battles between the 4 finalists are set.

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Which Valuable_eBook shall be the next FREE download for PI members?

You chose

“The Business Brains”


 The Business Brains – 66 Votes

Keyword Research Demystified - 32 Votes

Spartans Routine - 9 Votes

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Tip/Thought of the Day:(Presented by Abla)


” Thoughts lead on to purposes;

purposes go forth in action;

actions form habits;

habits decide character;

and character fixes our destiny.”


Tyron Edwards —


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New Year – Bigger Opportunities – Broader Horizons
Bigger Surprises – More New Friends

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Year of the Green Horse

The Year of Leaders

The Year of PI